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ReefBoards are in use in 33 countries in both rental fleets and resorts. Guests of all ages can now see clearly underwater from a stable platform through a huge, clear, dry screen. No sucking air through a tube or cloudy mask which fills up with water. No snorkel or fins required. Guests from 7 to 97 love them. Anyone can hop on a ReefBoard and have fun in seconds. Most experienced snorkelers PREFER the wide screen ReefBoard over a mask and snorkel! There is no drink holder with a mask and snorkel!

Guests Stay Out Longer and Use in Cooler Waters

With the ReefBoard, guests are supported on top of the water and stay out longer. Entire families rent ReefBoards together because everyone can do it. Some resorts are so busy, they offer them on a first come/first served basis! ReefBoard fleet owners in cooler waters report that guests will ReefBoard vs. snorkeling because their torso is out of the water.


The ReefBoard comes with a TWO YEAR Warranty in commercial use because they are virtually indestructible. The thick HDPE hull is made of the same material as most kayaks and many SUPS. There is no maintenance and they are easy to transport and store. There is nothing to break or lose. They last forever.

Just a few of the many resorts/rental places using ReefBoards:

Atlantis (Bahamas)

Rosewood Jumby Bay (Antigua)

Jacques Cousteau Underwater Reserve (Guadeloupe)

Monterrey Bay Aquarium (California)

And hundreds of others!

We go the extra mile to get you the best freight options!
Below image: ReefBoards being delivered to Mystery Island, Vanuatu.


"The guests love them! We need more." --- Atlantis, Bahamas

"Ordering more this week. Not for every guest, but ALL who try it, love it." --- Jumby Bay, Antigua

"A great product, especially for kids… very well made! We have them now in five resorts here." --- Laurence Fox, Bermuda

"It is a great experience for children and people who are not at ease with snorkeling." --- Fred Smith, Reserve Cousteau, Guadeloupe

"Have had them for 18 months. Guests love them. Not everyone wants to use a mask and snorkel. Confining to some." --- Captain Marcos, M/Y Symposia (FL/Caribbean)

"Wish we had these years ago. The waters we cruise are mostly crystal clear and now even the nervous guests get to see what is underneath us without getting their heads wet and breathing through a tube. Ordering a couple more. Thanks!" --- Captain Paul Hawton, M/Y Wizard (Med and Greece)

"The Abacos have incredibly clear water. I can't imagine not snorkelling, but some don't. We coax them on and they love it!" --- Aga K., Chef, M/Y Contender (Bahamas)

"They rent first come first served. We need more!" --- R. Welter, Sunset Watersports, Key West, USA

image"The kids took a test drive on the Reef Board yesterday in preparation for swimming with whale sharks today. They loved it. Great option for little ones who aren’t keen on putting their heads under the water or for snorkeling around coral and with bigger marine animals so the kids feel safe (and we parents can relax). The neoprene cover with space for their hands and face make it easy to look through the big plexiglass porthole to see what’s below." --- Dr. Ben Burris

"The ReefBoard is really fun, it is already getting fantastic exposure! We use it while teaching diving in our pools and take it on our dive trips as well. It is very sturdy and holds up as well or better than our scuba gear!"  --- Two Location Dive Retailer and Instructor in FLA, USA

"We used the boards during the weekend. Everyone loved it…many thanks." --- Tugrul TOKGOZ, Turkey